Before training a snack salad : mixed with grenadine, salt, o-oil, croatian vinegar. Cow feta (creamy) from turkish grocery and a seed – mix. πŸ˜‰

…if you also want to stop smoking and it is hard : helpful and to handle stressless with joy : Electronic cigarette. One can better up live – style. It is worth the matter ☺☺☺😚😚😚

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My intention is to share balanced, mostly lacto - vegetarian dishes with low level of fat and unnecessary carbohydrates. All is prepared in less than 30 min - mostly less and is therefore easy to follow for everyone. I adresse people, who are interested in healthy lifestyle, sports and technology. As I providet many short tips for healthy and fast kitchen in the past, I want to show more fascinating themes related to other interrests. One of my favourites is Terraristik and can find me on pinterest as well with a collection of various pins about plants, reptiles and spiders. Regards from my side Gabriele

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