Sweet pepper, young onion, tomatoes, koreander here also with wild salmon from a reliable merchant ☺☺☺

Dear followers of religion take notice : Christians : Diet almost finished – don’t provoke rebounds because of chocolate – easter – rabbits and other sugar rubbish. 😈😉

Muslims : Don’t starv too much : Ramadan didn’t even start – you could colapse with too strict diet for reduction. ☺☺


Before training a snack salad : mixed with grenadine, salt, o-oil, croatian vinegar. Cow feta (creamy) from turkish grocery and a seed – mix. 😉

…if you also want to stop smoking and it is hard : helpful and to handle stressless with joy : Electronic cigarette. One can better up live – style. It is worth the matter ☺☺☺😚😚😚

Today’s salad with tomatoes, onions, feta a topping with seed – mix and olives. Dressing : rice-vinegar, grenadine, salt, o-oil. .☺☺☺

And a brief warning : don’t let anyone tell you what to eat or not if you dislike it with all your instinct. Someone to convinced (and expected) me to try some meat (beef) and too fat on top 😝😝😝😵😵😵 – I felt sick, heavy and tired till late in the evening. Also the reason, I want to present more than one style of kitchen. Pick your individual choice wisely. Today I saw a posting about tumours in meat – products. OMG – too disgusting to share. Google yourselves. ..it is shocking (! Also beef concerned! )😮